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Silver Cave in Lipu

Located at the foot of the Ligui Road of Lipu County, the Lipu Silver Cave Tourist Scenery Area is only about 85 km from Guilin and 25 km to Yangshuo.

The cave consists of many stalactites which shimmer like silver giving the cave its name. The cave is a dazzling light show of stalactites. It is divided into upper cave, lobby and lower cave with many beautiful scenes to witness. The surrounding natural backdrop of green hills, scattered peach trees and blooming flowers add to the beauty of the Silver cave. Only recently open to tourists in 1999, it is now one of Guilin's most famous attractions.

The Silver Cave is a multi-storied karst cave. At present, about 2 kilometers of the cave has been presented to tourists, including the lower cave, the grand hall and the upper cave. There many outstanding scenic spots: the Waterfalls on Snow Hill, the Heavenly Screen of Music, the Deep Moon Palace, Three Treasures of the Buddha, The Pearl-decorated Umbrella and the Solitary Pillar Propping up the Sky.

The underground river which can be explored, winds its way through the mountain, full of twists and turns, mysterious and tranquil. Fisherman can be seen clearly in the still river water. The scenery on the river banks is picturesque. Tourists can sail to the Green Lake in the open air from the river.

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