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Shanghai Confucian Temple

Confucius Temple was built in 1219, always known as the number one temple in this area of the country. The temple has exhibition halls displaying articles related to the traditional Chinese examination system and three high stone tablets, representing people's respect to education and Confucius. The 270-year-old "DanghuAcademy" in the temple is one of the best-protected such buildings in Shanghai area. Among the stone tablets there, one is carved with the calligraphy by Zhu Xi, a great Chinese educator. Many others are also of very high art values.

Known as one place of historic interest and scenic beauty, situated in No. 215, Confucius Temple Road, the Temple is the only sacred place for Confucianism in the city proper. Built at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, Confucius Temple at that time located in the Xue Gong Street.

When the Shanghai Small Knife Organization staged an armed uprising, the headquarters was established in the Confucius Temple. After the Qing army captured the headquarters, the Confucius Temple was destroyed in the gunfire.

The Confucius Temple underwent renovation on the old site in 1855 A.D.(the fifth year of the Years Xian Feng, the Qing Dynasty). Covering a floor area of 17 mus, it has such constructions as Ling Xin Doorway, Pan Pond, San Ding Bridge, Da Cheng Hall, Chong Sheng Ancestral Temple, Ming Lun Hall, Zhun Jing Chamber, Kui Xing Chamber etc. and such scenic spots as Fang Sheng pond and Lotus Pond etc. Flowers and trees are planted in the vacant lot. Confucius Temple has suffered destruction and benefited from renovations.

In 1995 in the light of the strategy of development "Emphasis on the renovation for the old districts and guidelines on the road constructions and tourism", the Nan Shi District stipulated a scheme for the repairing and development of the Confucius Temple. The overall layout of the repairing and development of the Confucius Temple consists of such respects as offering sacrifices to ancestors, entertainment and marketplace. The tourism of offering sacrifices to ancestors are organized around Ling Xin Doorway, Da Cheng Doorway, East and West Wings, Da Cheng Hall, the stone terrace in front of the Gong Hall, Chong Sheng Ancestral Temple. All these constructions are restored to what they looked like in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Kui Xing Chamber, Ming Lun Hall, Fang Sheng pond, Confucianism Office, newly-built Weng Qu Doorway, Da Zhong Doorway are under renovation for the entertainment tourism. There also will be newly expanded green belts and newly transplanted trees, and "Shanghai Forest of Steles to Celebrities" in the corridors for the purpose of spreading their achievements in the past 70 years. Zhung Jing Chamber is renovated, gardens, flowerbeds are built, flowers and trees are planted catering to the marketplace tourism. The street of bookstores and bookstalls is reconstructed to the east and west sides of Zhung Jing Chamber. In addition to the buildings consisting of one to three storeys built along the dilapidated walls, imbedded with profound cultural environments, shops that sell antiques, paintings and calligraphies, antique coins and stamps will be set up there.
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