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Merryland Theme Park

Merryland Theme Park is a park in Guilin Merryland Resort World locate in Xing'an County, Guilin, Guangxi is one of national first 5A tourism resorts and one of China Top Ten Joyride Tourism Brand Resort. On the land of over 6,000 Chinese mus in Ling Lake Resort of Xing an, the five-star hotel integrated with beauty of mountains and water in Guilin, arts of minority nationalities in Guangxi and merry culture of Merryland is leisurely and elegant; Pretty Manor Forest Villas built in accordance with the mountains are hidden in the mountains and forest for natural features; American Hill Golf Course with 27 international standard holes monopolize the beautiful mountains and water of Guilin and challenge your extreme honor; Splendid Theme Paradise integrates fashion, motion, excitement and merry. These constitute Guilin Merryland Resort World, a famous scenic spot integrated with nobility, nature, romance, leisure and amusement.

Guilin Merryland Resort World is currently the biggest foreign-invested project in Guangxi, with a total investment of 3.1 billion Yuan from Mr. Ma Zhiling, the first big Chinese securities dealer. Guilin Merryland Resort World will be completed in three phases. Currently, Phase I has been competed and was open for operation on December 25, 2000, include the Theme Paradise, Resort Hotel/Pretty Manor Wood-house Villas and Golf Club.

As a high-class, large-scale, diversified and multiple comprehensive tourism resort arena, Guilin Merryland Resort World has filled the gap of human landscape and high-tech paradise in Guilin, played an active promoting role in the tourism market of Guilin, Guangxi and even the whole region of South China, and injected fresh vitality therein.

Guilin Merryland Resort World is only 63 km away from the city are of Guilin, which is linked with the national grade-I highway of 6 lanes. It takes only 45 minutes by driving from the city area of Guilin to Merryland and only 55 minutes from Guilin Liangjiang International Airport to Merryland. On the way, one can also enjoy the landscape of fields and forest and karst topography unique in North Guangxi.

Guilin Merryland golf club is the largest golf club in Guangxi Province, China. And it is also the only one in China with 18 holes foothill course of international standard. Following American USGA regulation, Merryland golf course has a golf path of 7073 yard and 72 par. It is specially designed by American designer, Golden Louise. It is multi-functional golf course including sports, entertainment, travelling and business meeting. While playing, you can also enjoy the special scenery of world best. A professional manager of golf playing is appointted and offer international standard facilities, professional gardener and trained golf caddie are at your service. After playing, you can go to the exquisite royal golf club for a rest.

The frontal nine holes and the back nine holes have sharp different style. The frontal nine holes is based on hills and set a pond turning the path, which increase the difficulty of playing greatly. The American foothills at the each side of the path change so diversely. The bunker is a popular topic of the golf players. The back nine holes are divided by water. Green is hiding in the valley. The ladder-like green is a great challenge for players. The unique subsection path will test your distance judgement and ball controlling.

There are 60 professional paths at the training course with the instruction of our professional trainer. Guilin Merryland golf club also provide you with Chinese restaurant, cafe, meeting room, sauna and gift shop.

Merryland Resort Guilin is a 5-star holiday hotel, which lies in the Merryland entertainment world 68 kilometers from Guilin. Its total land is about 100 mu and the land for building is 38000 square meters.Living in Merryland holiday hotel, you will enjoy the world first-class splash-ink scenery. The ceiling of the hotel's hall is made of woods, which decorated with the style of Guangxi minority. The whole ceiling is made up of six woody shelves with typical ancient architecture and delicate craft. A Tong's bell tower and a copper drum is put at the center of the hall. The entrance of the hall is decorated with tong's typical ground brick, on which there are twelve animals used to symbolize the year in which a person is born. The whole decoration in the hall is vivid and fascinating.It provides 368 guest rooms, all designed by famous designers. The guestroom is a combination of Chines poetic sentiment and western romantic. Furthermore, it used lots of Guangxi's bamboo as the decoration.
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