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The Wild Elephant Ravine

The Wild Elephant Ravine is located at the juncture of east and west regions of Xishuangbanna Mengyang National Natural Reserve, the scenic spot is a hub for wild Asian elephants passing by, so it becomes a gathering place for wild elephants visiting frequently. Asian elephants are the main wildlife found in the scenic spot, there are several groups, approximately 60 elephants often appear in the ravine, besides elephant, there are bear, bison, clouded leopard rumbaugh, wild dog, wild boar, porcupine, sambar, chamois, muntiacus, civet cat, pheasant, silver pheasant, partridge, boa, cobra, king cobra, guana, ratufa bicolor, hop frog and agama.

It is worth to mention that various birds in the ravine have caused birdmen's concern, and bird-watching groups come to observe birds every year. The Wild Elephant Ravine is the only nature reserve where tourists can have close contact with wild elephants safely.

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