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Sky Tree Scenic Spot

Tropical Rain Forest National Park -- Sky Tree Scenic Spot

It's the center of "Golden Quadrangle" of Xishuangbanna, Laos, Thailand and Myanmar, exclusive oasis for all regions in the same latitude on the earth, so the park is called the title owing to the symbol flora of Sky Tree in the tropical rain forests. Relying on world-class rare and endangered species and unique Dai folk-customs in Xishuangbanna, the park emphasizes the sightseeing on tropical rain forest and experience of local ethnic cultures, including attractions of Sky Tree air corridor, on-water excursion of tropical rain forests on Shengminania River, rainforest digital intelligent traveling guide, self-help feast of Southeast Asia in rainforest, large-scaled actual-location original ecological songs and dances. Alianya carnival, and so on, tourists can experience in the No. 1 tree-crown corridor in China joyfully.

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