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Beijing Haidian Park

Beijing Haidian Park lies in the northwest corner of Wanquanhe Intersection, Northwest 4th circle highway. The park starts at Wanquanhe Road and ends at Wanliu Middle Road from east to west. It covers Changchun Park, Xihua Park, Quanzong Temple and other royal park sites.

The park covers a total area of 40 ha., which include 30 ha. gardens, 1.9 ha. waters, and parking lots for about 420 vehicles. In the park, there are 28 landscaping plants including Chinese toons, albizzias, foreign ashes, gingkos, which amount to more than 400,000 plants. Not only are that, over 10 places of feature scenes, such as colorful music fountain plaza, tread-resisting evergreen lawns, Guanzhu spring, sinking curtilage, paddy field and etc that are neatly arranged in the park.

In 2004, Haidian Park was selected by the Beijing municipal government as one of the places for emergency refuge. The park is equipped with emergency exits, sheltering areas, parking apron, lavatories, lighting and water supply system, all necessary to provide refuge and first aid in case of earthquakes and fires.

Haidian Park is the location of the Midi Modern Music Festival, and the 2007 Beijing Jazz Festival was held there in September 2007. In October 2007, the first Modern Sky Festival will be held there.

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