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Dragon Palace Cave (Long Gong)

Dragon Palace Cave (Long Gong), 27 kilometers southwest of Anshun City enroute to Huangguoshu Waterfall is one of the Guizhou provincial scenic spot, covering an area almost 60 square kilometers. Because the main cave looks like the crystal palace where the dragon king lives, it is known as Dragon Palace Cave.

Dragon Palace Cave Scenic Spot includes 60 square kilometers of karst caves, waterfalls, and underground streams. The scenic spot has four main areas, namely, the Rape Lake, the Whirlpool, the Leech Pass and the Dragon Palace itself. Among them, as the most famous and wonderful scenic spot, the Dragon Palace, 15 kilometers in length, is the prime attraction. It is the longest karst river cave in China.

Legend has it that the Dragon King resides in the Crystal Palace. Hence people named the place after the Dragon. The Heavenly Lake is at the head of the water, which forms an underground waterfall at the Dragon Gate. This 34 meters high and 25 meters wide Dragon Gate Flying Waterfall is the longest cave waterfall in the country.

The waterfall in the Dragon Palace underground is very magnificent, it can be seldom found in any other countries. There are more than 10 iron boats on the wharf near the Sky-Pool. As soon as visitors board the boats, the boatmen start to row their oars and go to Dragon Palace directly. The boats move forward slowly among the large stalactite, visitors emerge a mysterious feeling suddenly. In fact, the Dragon Palace is a water cave underground, 3000meters long, the boats move in the dark and quiet water, people can only hear slight sound of rowing and water. Visitors sit in the boats comfortably and enjoy the landscape of stone cave full of stalactite, small stones with the aid of light in rock wall.

The boats sometimes enter into the spacious hall, sometimes in narrow path. the cave top is 80 meters high in some halls. The water cave is 800 meters long totally. When the boats go to the end of the water, visitors land on the bank, come out from another cave which is under 100 meter high cliff. It is very magnificent.
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