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For Southeast Asian Dais Seeking Roots

Hinayana Buddhism was brought into Xishuangbanna in the early of the 6th century B.C., blended with local traditional religion, coming on to in the 16th century, so with a very long history. Xishuangbanna is an only region in China where Hinayana Buddhism (known as the Lesser Vehicle in Folk) is prevailing; currently there are 300,000 Buddhism followers, 577Buddhist monastery and 215 pagodas here, well-nigh "every village has the Buddhist monastery and each family believes in Buddhism". Buddhist activities are frequently held here, bathing the Buddha, stacking sand, listening to the Buddha's sermon must take place during the Water-splashing Festival, Door-closing Festival and Door-opening Festival. Xishuangbanna has the same source with the Southeast Asian countries in Hinayana, the folk exchange of Buddhist culture is very popular, since the eastablishment of Mengle Great Buddhist Monastery, Xishuangbanna has been the favorite destination for Southeast Asian Dais seeking roots.

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