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Yichang City, Hubei Province

Yichang City
Yichang City

Yichang City
Yichang City

Situated to the east of Xiling Gorge, Yichang is a city of great importance, it was the battlefield of Yiling Fight during the Three Kingdoms time and a new modern city now. In the city there are a number of scenic spots such as Gezhouba Dam, Sanyou Cave, Peach Blossom Village, Chinese sturgeon and ancient fortress, the most famous of which is at the middle of Xilingshan Mountain at the north bank of the Yangtze River in the northwest of Yichang. The famous great poet in Tang Dynasty Bai Juyi, his brother Bai Xingjian and Yuan Sheng visited this cave on March 12,619. the famous writer in Song Dynasty Shu Si (Shu Dong po) and his two sons were attracted to visit this cave by its reputation in the winter of 109. This is why it is named San You Cave (San means three people and You means visit).

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