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Yangzhou City, Jiangsu

Yangzhou, a historical cultural city of China, dates back to more than 2,500 years ago. Being quiet, beautiful and fresh, it is like a pearl studded at the confluence of the Yangtze Rive and the Grand Canal.The city has been well known for its once brilliant historic role in Chinese history and one of the first 24 cities that were announced as the Historical and Cultural Cities in China.

As the improvement of financial situation in China and in Jiangsu province, the city has been receiving more financial funding in an intention from the governments to protect its old town for tourism. Yangzhou has now been one of national tourist centers and has attracted tourists worldwide. There is the elegant Slender West Lake, the spring wave of the old Grand Canal, the moon of Shugang, the charm of Qionghua and the special style of the Eight Eccentrics. The Western Bamboo Road is bathed in the spring breeze and made green by the catkin. Every ancient lane, every bridge and very pavilion are like a poem, a painting and a dream.

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