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Zhangfei Temple

Zhangfei Temple
Zhangfei Temple

Zhangfei was a famous general of Shu Kingdom (221-263 A.D.) in the Three Kingdoms period. It is said that Zhangfei was murdered by two mutinous officers at Langzhong in eastern Sichuan. They took his head and tried to escape and surrender to the Kingdom of Wu hoping to be handsomely rewarded. But the news of armistice between the two Kingdoms scared them. They threw the head into the Yangtze River at Yunyang and ran for their lives. Hence the saying "Zhang Fei's" head was in Yunyang county and his body in Langzhong county. Later, a temple was built to commemorate him; the temple was built on a mountain with luxuriant old charms for thousands of years.

Due to Yunyang country has been totally submerged, Zhang Fei Temple moved to the opposite side of new city which is over 20km away from the original site.

The geographical condition around the new temple is created to imitate the old one backed by mountains, based on rock formations, standing beside river. Furthermore, the constructive materials will be moved from the former site as many as possible. We'll try our best to keep the original looking.

After 175m water level formed, water will rise up to 60m below the gate, very convenient for the tourists. The new temple has been open to travelers since July 2003.

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