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Fengjie skypit

Fengjie skypit
Fengjie skypit

Sky Pit is located in Xiaozhai Village, Jinzhu Town, Fengjie County. On the top, maximum diameter is 626 meters, minimum is 537. On the bottom, maximum diameter is 522. Vertical height is 666.2 meters. Total capacity is 11934.8 subic meters. It's the biggest and deepest limestone funnel in the world. Inside the pit, there are countless deep and mysterious caves and a turbulent subterranean stream.

A ladder path zigzags from the mouth to the bottom. Total length is 2.7 kilometers (including over 2800 steps). Earth Crevice is a "V" shaped giant crevice which is concave between two parallel mountain ridges. It is originated from Huoshaoerba Village, changan Town, Fengjie County. The total length is 37 kilos. It's about 70 meters wide at the wider section, at the narrowest point, only one person can pass. The deepest point is 900 meters.

In the part which is called Sky Well Gorge, the crevice is 10-30 meters wide on the top but only 0.5-1.5 meters wide on the bottom. The depth of step cliff reaches 250 meters. This kind of "one-line-sky" scenery is rare even in the whole world.

Fengjie sky Pit
Fengjie sky Pit

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