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Shengnong Stream

Badong located at the south bank of Yangtze River and stay between Wu Gorge and Xiling Gorge, Surrounded by Yangtze River in the north and Bashan mountain in the South, is full of beautiful scenic spots, such as "Night rain in bashan", "Bell ring in smoky temple", "Sunset cave", "The evening ferry on Huaixi stream", "The thousand meters stone screen", "The misty rain in overcast and sunny days". So on the changing 8 scenic spots are famous around the area. Shennong Stream, originating in the South part of Shennong at the beginning of Xiling Gorge with. It's total length of 60 kilometers. With sheer cliff and rare flowers and grass, it is green stream with the cry of monkeys by changing "string bean" boat to cruise down. We can enjoy the footpath and Suspending coffin, Tujia village with its unique, ancient culture.

The ships can directly anchor at the entrance of Shennong Stream.

The much bigger cruisers which can hold 100 passengers may drive straight in.

The whole trip needs about 3 hours, much more confortable and substantial than before.

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