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Natural botanic and zoic park -- Shenlongjia

Shenlongjia locates at the confluence of Yangtze river and Han river, the border between Sichuan and Hubei province. It is boasted as the ridge of central China and the only oasis lies at 30 degree north latitude. It has 30 peaks over 2000m and the highest is 3105.4m, while the lowest is Shizhu river valley, only 398m, dense forest and numerous mountains and hills is widely found. There are four rivers lies in form of radiation near the peak, known as Yandu River, Xiangxi River, Nan River and Hedu River, who eventually go into Yangtze and Han River. There is also a large variety of topography such as Karst, ice erosion, limestone cave, Underground River, everglade and stone forest etc, besides hill and stream topography.

One day tour in shenlongjia will be very enjoyable as one can see various type of topography. Shenlonjia is also a vast botanic garden with over 3000 kinds of plants can be found. The most attractive is the magic Chinese herb; shenlingjia is definitely a herb treasury as 2023 kinds of hers can be found here.

Edited by Athena Lee
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