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Mount Lushan, Jiujiang

Located in the north of Jiangxi province, Mount Lushan covers an area of 302 square kilometers. With the flowing Yangtze River to its north and the misty Boyang Lake to its south, Mount Lushan combines the large river, the big take and the high mountain into an integrated mass. Combining the temper with grace, it is famous for "grandness, strange, danger and elegance". The highest peak, Da Hanyang peak, is 1,474 meters high above the sea level. There are 171 peaks, which got their names in ancient times. The well-known San Diequan Waterfall falls from the height of 155 meters. Covered by 76.6% forest, Mount Lushan is abundant in biological resources. Due to the good natural environment, Lushan has became a famous resort in China.

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