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Qutang Gorge

Qutang Gorge, only 8km long, extends eastward from Baidi Town to Daxi Town. It has a momentum of controlling the waters from Sichuan on the east and dominating the mountains of Hubei on the east. The river is flanked with steep cliffs and towering peaks. The widest spot of the river is about 100-200 meters and the narrowest spot is only 10 meters. At Kuimen, the entrance of the gorge, the steep cliffs on either side look like two gigantic door leaves closing in on the roaring river and holding the strategic pass between Sichuan and Hubei perilous in every way. Kuimen has been marveled at as the most dangerous pass of the world.

If the landscape of the Yangtze Gorges is a wonder, Qutang Gorge is the wonder of wonders. When you travel through the gorge in a boat and look up at the towering peaks, you see thousands of grotesque crags darkening the daylight with only a narrow opening up and the thundering river rolling by vigorously, just the thousands of horses galloping ahead irascibly. You can help marveling at the scene and wondering whether you are sallying to the hell.

Qutang Gorge boasts not only splendid sights but also places of historical interest. Concentrated here are the masterworks of calligraphy and stone engravings of different dynasties.

Magnificent Qutang Gorge
Magnificent Qutang Gorge

Yangtze River Cruise
Yangtze River Cruise

The water level in Qutang Gorge has been 9 meters high on average. It can hardly make any change on the perpendicular sight of steep cliff on either side.

The rock face carvings in Qutang Gorge have been partially moved up, the rest will be reserved.

The ancient walkway had gone, while the Bellows Gorge would remind us the days in the past.

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