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Gezhouba Dam, Yichang

Gezhouba Dam
Gezhouba Dam

Gezhouba Dam, the key water-control project, stretches across the river 3 kilometers away from Nanjing Guan pass. The dam is 2,561 meters long, 70 meters high. The main structures of this key project are power stations, locks, sluice gate, silt gate and sedimentation prevention dyke, etc. The total installed capacity of the power is 13.8 billion KWH. The lock is a 34 meters wild, 280 meters long, which enables passenger boats, freighters over 10,000tonnage's and large fleets go pass. It is one of the largest locks in the world with 27-arched sluice gate and a 12-arched silt gate and can lead off 110,000 cubic meters flood per second.

Gezhouba key water project has the comprehensive functions of power generating, navigation and flood discharge. It is like a splendid pearl glimmering on the Yangtze River.

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