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Chongqing City

Briefing of the city - A painting like mountain city

Chongqing, the largest city in the world with the largest population 32 million and the largest land area over 80,000, square km, the only municipality in western China, locates upstream of Yangtze and downstream of Jia-ling river and covers 40 sub cities and districts.

The city's in the humid subtropical monsoon climate zone with annual average temp between 16-18 degrees centigrade, quite a long frost-free period, pretty much rain fall and more than rich natural resources. Chongqing is also a quite historical city with a long history over 3000 years. As a tour city it also comes up for incredible landscape including mountains and water which is full of charm.

The three gorges area; Dazu stone sculptures which's been inscribed on the world heritage list by UNESCO for over 60,000 statues carved in Tang and Song Dynasty are still maintain there and is also highly considered an outstanding representative of the late period of the art of ancient Chinese cliff side carving; Wu-long karst Geology National Park which's also been inscribed on world heritage list; the three gorges museum which holds thousands of heritages; and all the way downstream Yangtze it comes up with the White-crane under water carving, Fengdu, the Ghost town, Stone treasure Castle, Zhangfei Temple, White Emperor Town and the 12 peaks of Wushan mountain. All above make the city globally well-known for the long history and rich culture. The downtown is surrounded with mountains and held with two rivers. When nights come down, a ride on monorail, the river cable car or a bird's eye view from the mountain across Yangtze all give a nice night view of the beautiful mountain city.

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Eling Park, Chongqing
Eling Park, Chongqing
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