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Grand Meeting Hall

The People's Grand Meeting Hall - half century lasting brilliance

The People's Grand meeting Hall was started in June, 1951 and completed in April, 1954. It covers 25,000 square m; the total height is 65m. The shape of entire construction follows the Temple of Heaven in Forbidden City Beijing. In the axis of symmetry, covered as glazed tile on the roof, by the entrance there standing big red pillars. There are 4 stories inside; the whole thing can hold 4206 people. This Meeting Hall is one of the most outstanding architectures of Asia in 20th century.

In front of the hall is the people's square. It came along with the establishing of Chongqing Municipality. The square covers over 30,000 square m. The night view of the Hall and the musical fountain go together as one of the highlights of the city.

Edited by Athena Lee
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