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Guangzhou Museum

The Guangzhou Museum is located in Yuexiu park and was built in 1957 to imitate Wenhua Wall in the Imperial Palace in Beijing. It was built on the site of Zhongyuan Library, and consists of over 300 square metres of exhibition hall, with 100 square metres of gallery space.

Outside the main building is a peaceful arched corridor containing 118 stones inscribed by celebrated calligraphers from the Jin to Qing dynasty. This area makes a very welcome relief from the bustle of Yuexiu park. Another relaxing area is the Statue of Appreciating Flowers, located on a hill in front of the main building.

A smaller side building houses a small natural history exhibition (History of Earth and the Evolution of Life), with fossil remains from the Guangzhou area. Following on from this is an exhibition of gems and precious stones (Gems Left by Overseas Trade). There are several activities for children, including video games and computer-based learning.

Edited by Athena Lee
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