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Hung-ya cave architecture complex

Hung-ya cave architecture complex - the reborn of the cliff-side bamboo constructor. We can't tell anything about residential condition in this city without mentioning the cliff-side bamboo constructor. In the old days they were everywhere by the cliff side along the river. The primary constructor of the bamboo shelter is several wooden poles standing upon the cliff supporting the shelter above. The wooden poles look like crane's long legs so these bamboo constructors are also called "hanging leg house". This kind of architecture nearby Hung-ya cave is a typical symbol of the traditional dock culture. The present Hung-ya cave architecture complex is now a modern mall with a mock Song Dynasty style looking.

The street floor of Hung-ya cave architecture complex is now becoming a bar street which represents the high-end custom in this city also similar with the Xin-tian-di bar avenue in Shanghai.

Edited by Athena Lee
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