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Gantong Temple, Dali

Gantong Temple, also known as Danshan Temple, is located in the south of shenying peak of point Cang Mountain, between Dali ancient city and Shimonoseki. It is about 5 km from Dali city and 11 km from Shimonoseki. The Gantong Temple is back to Cangshan that covered by snow all the years, and face of the Erhai lake which is vastness, it set between heaven and earth, also known as "swing Temple".

There is also a legend of gantong-Temple, it is Legend that, Wu Ming-Hong 1928, the abbot of the temple - a great Master pilgrimage to Nanjing Ming Taizu emperor, and brought a white horse, a tea. At the time of hand over it is just the spring, the white horse is calling, and the tea is blooming. At that time, the Ming Taizu thought that the horse calling and the tea blooming is a good auspicious omen for Ming dynasty, and then give the Wuji monk a name which is "Fa tian", and delegate his duties as "Dali House Gang Secretary monks are the key link," (when the Buddhist temple management monk duties), and send 18 poems. The place all-monks come to welcome the Wuji returned built a temple later, but also the building of the temple, known as classes Hill (now the side of ganeong Temple). Since then the Gantong hill temple is getting famous.
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