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Nanzhao Iron Pole, Dali

Dali Nanzhao Iron Pole is located in Yunnan Midu County,6 km northwest of Linghai too in front of the temple village ( ancient name of iron raw iron Temple City ). Iron temple, known as the iron or iron palace view, from gate, Yunnan tour the front yard, back yard is composed of three parts, covers an area of 5541square meters, construction area of 1542square meters. Stand in the central courtyard.

Nanzhao Iron Pole commonly known as Primus Pole. Erected in 872, the Tiezhu Temple consists of a gate, two yards, and covers an area of 5,500 square meters. The Iron Pole stands in the center of the main hall in the front yard. The Pole is a cylinder with a height of 3.30 meters, a diameter of 32.7 cm, a circumference of 1.05 meters, and a total weight of 2,069 kg.
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