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Dali Jinsuo Island

Located 3 km east of Dali, Er Hai (Ear Lake), a symbol of natural fecundity to the Bai nationality, is named after its shape. The 40-km long lake has numerous ferry services and is home to 50-odd species of fish. Any cafe in Dali can arrange a tour on the lake; most trips usually involve visits to small temples, or excursions to scenic spots on the eastern shore. Visitors can also accompany a cormorant fisherman and watch the trained birds catch fish. A variety of tour boats, from big, virtual floating pagodas for large groups, to smaller craft, leave from Caicun on Er Hai's western shore.

Tours usually take in Jinsuo Dao (Jinsuo Island), across the lake near its eastern shore. Once a summer retreat for Nanzhao royalty, it is now home to a fishing village. Farther north lies Xia Putao, a tiny rocky crag with a Buddhist temple.

At the southern tip of the lake, Er Hai Park was once a royal deer ranch during the Nanzhao Kingdom. A lush path leads up to a peak, which offers splendid views.
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