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Lijiang Dongba Palace

Being the key components of Dongba culture, its characters music and dance are exuberantly growing and prospering on Dongba culture. The Dongba Palace is the very window through which people are able to probe into the depth of Dongba culture.

Naxi people mostly believe in their own religion "Dongbaism". Dongba means "Wiseman" in Naxi language. And the Dongba Palace, just as the name implies, is the place for wise men congregation.

Dongba Palace is located on the East Street in Lijiang Ancient Town, with its sign board and its doorway decorated with wood-carved drawings on both sides. Though small in size, it establishes itself as the art centre for multiculturalism of local ethnic minorities, through which people could cut insights into the unique Dongba culture and understand the true essence of Naxi ancient music and dance. People can also see at Dongba Palace the recreation of the ancient religious rituals and other traditional ceremonies.
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