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Chengdu Tour Attractions

Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan with rich tour attractions. Chengdu has a green fertile plain, comfortable and pleasant climatic conditions, many rivers, mountains and canals. It has the most fertile plains in western region of China, with a total area 22,900 square km and a total population of 27,986,000 (2004).

The Doujiang Weir, which built in Qin Dynasty caring the city like a giant hand. The sub-tropical moist monsoon climate give Chengdu an average annual temperature of 18 degrees centigrade and annual rainfall above 1000 mm.

The city have a Picturesque scenery: Beautiful Longquan Mountain, like a snake heading to the East, the quiet and clean Temple of Prince Wu makes you ponder, the mist wreathed Qingyang Palace filling of the religious atmosphere, demeanour Taoism is still to be found in the quiet Qingcheng mountain, sounds of reciting Buddhist scriptures in the beautiful Emei Mountain can still be heard.

Civilization and prosperity: Sanxingdui Ruins shows that 3000 years ago people in Chengdu are highly civilized. Jinsan People's grand sacrifice indicates that people at this land are of great civilization and prosperity.

Many scholars such as poet Xue Tao, Du Fu were traveled or lived here. They left a great deal of good poems and historical sites. They are outstanding dedication given by the Land of Abundance, Chengdu, to the Chinese culture.

The leisure life here is witnessed and recognized even by westerners, they gave Chengdu the title :"the East Garden of Eden". Even if when famine happens, when thousands die of hunger, there is still good harvest here in Chengdu. Chengdu People know that they are blessed by God, so they enjoy the leisure life with a cup of tea in their hand. when the outsiders take a look at the life here with their tired eyes, they will know what the true meaning of life is.

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