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Dry Sea, Lijiang

Located on the foot of the east hillside of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Dry Sea - with an altitude of 3,100m - is a highland Plateau lake about 23 kilometers from Lijiang Ancient Town. It was a highland lake before 1940s, but later the water started draining out until it turned into, a huge meadow, therefore it was named "Dry Sea". 5 kilometers in length and 2 kilometers in width, it covers an area of about 10,000 square meters with mountains surrounding its three sides.

It is the closest and also the best outlook venue to get a full view of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. From here you could see every one of the thirteen peaks of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain lining up from north to south, especially the highest peak that looks like an unfolded fan.

From spring to summer each year, the meadow will be like a large garden with hundreds of flowers in full blossom here and there sending the whole meadow into full vitality. Nowadays Dry Sea has become a popular tourist spot in Lijiang, and some ethnic villages, resorts and golf courses were built around it. Tourists can go for lots of activities and events enjoying the peace and harmony offered by the Snow Mountains and the picturesque plateau.
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