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World Heritage Park, Lijiang

Main reason for inclusion was the harmonious fusion of different cultural traditions. Lijiang is famous for its Naxi-culture. The Naxi-minority descends from Tibetan nomads. They have a matriarchal family tradition and an over 1000 years old script. This script consists of pictograms, and is kept alive by some individuals. There is also a Naxi-orchestra: old men that play traditional Chinese music on antique instruments, unique for China.

Lijiang has an ingenious ancient network of waterways, that is supplied by the mountain springs. Via canals the houses in town are connected to this network.

The cobbled streets, bridges and houses add to the picturesque picture of this ancient town. It gained wide attention in the 1990s: first because of a BBC-documentary and a childrens series, that made kind of a myth out of Lijiang.

In 1996, the town was hit by a very serious earthquake which damaged a lot of the old houses and streets.
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