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Chongqing Wildlife World

Located at Shuangzhu town of Yongchuan district, which is nearly 58 kilometers away from the city proper, Chongqing Wildlife World is the biggest extra-large-scale life theme park. It is not only a perfect integration of wild animal protection, training and breeding, ecotourism, popular science education, animal rescue, large-size cultural customs performances as well as recreation, but also a national AAAA-grade scenic spot and national wildlife base for popular science education.

Covering an area of 5000 mu, Chongqing Wildlife World mainly consists of six major function areas, namely, vehicular sightseeing area, pedestrian sightseeing area, cultural custom performance area, parking area, logistics service area, as well as Jinlanwan International Holiday Resort. Chongqing Wildlife World boasts of over 430 kinds (more than 30,000) varified valuable and rare species of wild animals from five continents on the earth, among which there are 260 kinds (more than 10.000) animals under protection of the appendix I and appendix II of the International Convention and state protection of China. Characterized by its loose-breeding model and its outstanding theme of "returning to nature" , Chongqing Wildlife World has attracted a lot of tourists by effectively shortening the distance between human, animal and nature to the utmost.

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