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Little Three Gorges

Located within Wushan country, which is on the lower reaches of the Daning River that is the first large branch of the Three Gorges, the Little Three Gorges of Wushan Mountain is 481 kilometers away from Chongqing by waterway.

The Little Three Gorges is 50 kilometers in full-length and consists of Longmen (Dragon-gate) Gorge, Bawu (Misty) Gorge and Dicui (Emerald) Gorge. Longmen (Dragon-gate) Gorge is like a door in shape, and cliffs inside the gorge are in mutual confrontation. As for Bawu (Misty) Gorge, there are high mountains and deep valleys, jagged rocks of grotesque shapes and groups of natural statues, all embraced by a heavy mist. Dicui (Emerald) Gorge is the longest gorge of the Little Three Gorges, and also the most quiet and beautiful gorge. It is full of green trees and other lives. What a paradise!

At the end of the Little Three Gorges stands the Mini Three Gorges. It is made up of Sancheng Gorge, Changtan Gorge and Qinwang Gorge. With its grotesque peaks, exquisite scenery and the color of life, the Mini Three Gorges can be rated as a splendid natural work of art in the Little Three Gorges scenic spot.

Edited by Athena Lee
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