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Wujiang River

Originating from Weining county of Guizhou province, the Wujiang River finally flows into the Yangtze River in Hulin district of Chongqing. Being 1037 kilometers in length and flowing through 14 districts and counties, the Wujiang River is rated as one of the first-grade longgest branches of the Yangtze River. Just as what one poet of Qing Dynasty Weng Ruomei praised the Wujiang River for its dangerousness, magnificence, gorgeousness and mysteriousness, "the most magnificent and gorgeous landscape full of mystery instate of Shu (now Sichuan area) should be the Wujiang River" .

With a total length of 132 li, Wujiang Gorge Gallery starts from Gaogu town and stops at Wanmu village of Youyang county of Chongqing. Generally accepted to be the best section of the total length of Wujiang River, the tourism brand of Wujiang Gorge Gallery is born at the same time. Wujiang Gorge Gallery is mainly characterized by its high mountains and deep valleys, continous precipitous cliffs, torrential river water, beautiful scenery including the magnificent and gorgeous sceneries of Jianmen Mountain, Ernei Mountain as well as the Three Gorges. Along Wujiang Gorge Gallery, many other scenic spots are scattered away, namely. Pangtan, Longmen(Dragon-gate) Gorge. Mafeng Gorge, Red Army Ferry, Mowei Mountain, Gongtan Ancient Town and Lizhi (Litchi) Gorge. A boat-visit to the best section of Wujiang Gorge Gallery can give you an exquisite experience of a picturesque travel on the river.

Among the scenic spots mentioned above, Gongtan Ancient Town is especially aboundant in cultural and natural resources. Originated from the kingdom of Shu Han, Gongtan Ancient Twon was first built in Tang Dynasty and was once the capital of counties. Up to now, it is about 1700 years old. As for constructions in Gongtan Ancient Town, the 2-kilometer-long black flagstone road and the Diaojiaolou (it is a kind of houses build up by banboos and wood and is indirectly supported by the earth with several wooden pegs in between and people may get in and out by a ladder) built on cliffs can be rated as the two major architectural features. Some experts in relevant fields call it " a wonderful work of the art of construction " . In addition, Gongtan Ancient Town is also a shooting base for the creation of several films and TV series. Apart from that, Wu Guanzhong, a famous master of traditional Chinese painting, created his art work The Old Street rightly in Gongtan Ancient Town. In October 2001, Gongtan Ancient Twon ranked No.l historical and cultural town of Chongqing city.

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