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Jinfu Mountain

Jinfu Mountain stands in the northern part of Dalou Mountain within the borders ofNanchuan district of Chongqing. It covers an area of 1300 square kilometers and its scenic spot takes an area of 441 square kilometers. The highest peak of Jinfushan is 2251 meters above sea level and nearly 150 kilometers away from the city proper of Chongqing. It is such an original and natural place that it is a perfect integration of the magnificent and gorgeous sceneries of mountains, water, plants, springs and caves. With a forest coverage rate of 96%, and more than 100,000 per cubic centimeter of negative oxygen ion content of the air as well as less than 20 degrees of average temperature per year. Jinfushan is undoubtedly a superexcellent natural holiday resort located in mountains region. After making an investment of 2 billion yuanRMB to develop Jinfushan scenic spot, Urban Landscape Tourism Development Co., Ltd. subsidiary to Chongqing Transportation and Travel Group now boasts of 12 scenic resources such as Tianxing Holiday Resort, Bitanyougu Scenic Spot, Qianniuping Scenic Spot and Nanpo Scenic Spot, the west entrance of which was officially open to the general vistors since the day of May 1st 2009.

On July 21th of 2009. Jinfushan Ropeway? Transportation and Travel Group that has been invested 0.11 billion yuan formally opened for visitors: meanwhile, such aropeway had also opened up "the great circuit " integrated with the western, southern and northern tourist routes ofJinfushan since that day.

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