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Beibei Jindaoxia

Standing in the south-western part of Huaying Moutain of Beibei district of Chongqing, Jindaoxia Gorge is 900 meters above sea level, and is around 70 kilometersaway from the city center of Chongqing. As one of the first batch of national AAA-grade scenic spots, Jindaoxia Gorge is a newly discovered natural gorge scenic spot which still retains its ancient and original mystery with its major attraction of the hundred-million-year valley scenery and other karst landform scenery and a large quantity of geographically gorgeous and magnificent sceneries of pool river.

Jindaoxia Gorge is of a majestic topography mixed with cliffy and dangerous gorges, dense forest and still water. Jindaoxia Gorge is about 10 kilometers long. Beingdivided into two section-the upper and the lower. In terms of the upper section, it is characterized by its unique strongly-cut terrain coming from the outside karst geographical process. It is more than one hundred meters in vertical length, with old vines hanging upside down and gurgling water embraced at its bottom. As for the lower section, it is mainly featured by its cave groups, waterfalls as well as diversified stalactites, stalagmites and rock columns. Jindaoxia Gorge can be rated as the longest archaized plank road built along a cliff all over China. Making a deep visit to it, you may take a shower under the spirit of heaven and earth. Being a perfect tourist destination for visitors to have a spring walk outside or to spend their summer vacation and holidays or make a close touch with nature, the ten-kilometer scenic route of Jindaoxia Gorge, which is integrated with waterfalls, springs, caves and gorges and is well-known for its magnificence, dangerousness, mysteriousness and quietness, opens over 40 scenic spots for visitors to have adventures, to go climbing and to undergo water entertainment projects. In specific, these spots are Jinghuntai, Cangdao Cave, Xuantian Waterfall, Tianquan Cave, Shenyingxia Gorge, Shitouxia Gorge, Yixiantian (One Line Sky), Shaxi Lake, Zhongxia Natural Bathing Spot, Qianhuanguyan, Maitreya, Xinxingtan (Heart-shape Pool) and so on. Jindaoxia Gorge thereby gets its name as "Shangri-la in dreams" and "the most dangerous gorge of China" from visitors here.

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