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Fengdu, Chongqing

Fengdu, also called the City of Ghosts, got its name from an inscribed poem by Su Shi who was a poet of the Northern Song Dynasty. Fengdu Mingshan is one of 72 heavenly abodes of Taoism. There are no less than 27 ancient monasteries in Mingshan Mountain. Built up in the Eastern Han Dynasty, Fengdu had been well-known for "the capital of ghosts" and "the land of the dead" . Besides, Fengdu is a treasure house of folk culture and arts, which is integrated with the folk culture of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, and it is also rated as "the home of divine comedy" as well as "the city of soul" in China.

Situated at the place that is 172 kilometers away from the northern bank on the lower branches of Chongqing, Mingshan scenic spot consists of three national AAAA-grade scenic spots, that is, Fengdu Minshan, the Ghost World and national forest park-Shuanggui Mountain. Within Mingshan scenic spot, there are dense forest, finest pavilions, majestic temples and exquisite inscriptions. As for the statue group in "the land of the dead ", all characters are vivid and unique in both design andcraftship, and are successful imitations of persons and occasions from the real world, such as lawsuits in court, prison, penalties, and so on. On Mingshan Mountain, there are many inscriptions by celebrities in ancient times, such as Su Shi, Lu You and Fan Chengda.

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