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Donyishun Restaurant, Shanghai

Dongyishun is an enterprise which only sells and invent Halal food in China. Nowadays, there are several branch restaurants and packinghouses in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, and Iwu. Donglaishun Restaurant promotes newly created fast foods with both national character and foreign style from time to time. All the staffs insist on sincere service, clear environment, high quality food, and acceptable price to welcome guests from all over the world.

The dining rooms are arranged in Arabic style. Both tobacco and alcohol are prohibited in the restaurant. All the staffs are Hui national youth and wearing their traditional dresses. This enables the customer to understand the foreign view and culture while dining.

Dongyishun Restaurant is one of the few Hui person restaurants. The raw materials they used are cooked strictly to the Islam way. The mutton series is cheap and delicious.

Located at 70 Zhejiang Zhong Lu, Dong Yi Shun is a hidden gem that serves Chinese Muslim food. Dong Yi Shun specializes in Northern Chinese Islamic cuisine that incorporate beef more than any other meat into their cuisine. The food is really good, and reasonably priced for a simple week day dinner.

Famous Dishes
Dong Yi Shun's Mutton Satay: Originating in the Xinjiang province of China, mutton satay is now a famous street snack in China. Dong Yi Shun's version was tender in the best sense of the word and incredibly flavorful.

Shanghai Beef Fried Dumpling: The browned crispy bottom, juicy filling and crispy edges are simply irresistible! The minced beef filling closely resembles the taste of its porky counterparts too.

Garoupa Fish with Pine Nuts: Probably the most expensive item in the menu, the deep fried garoupa fish was deep-fry till golden brown and crispy. It makes a very good combination with the pine nuts and the spicy, sweet and sour sauce too.

Xian Beef Xiao Long Bao: The xiao long baos were so juicy that you might risk squirting the sweet broth all over.

Zi Ran Mutton: Their signature dish, zi ran mutton (stir fried mutton with cumin seed) never fail to impress us. The mutton pieces, coated with assorted herbs and spices, were delicious and tender. The cumin seeds add just the right amount of a distinctive and exotic aroma without being over-powering.

Special Steamed Beef Dumpling.

Xinjiang's Big Pot Chicken: This is a Xinjiang dish prepared especially for festivals, hence the name "big pot chicken". We find it mediocre though.

Xian Seafood Xiao Long Bao.

Fried Abalone Mushroom: This dish came rather damp and soggy but it makes a good snacks still.

Japanese Tofu with Broccoli: We need some greens to provide our body with a well balanced diet.

Seafood fried rice: The fried nice was nothing spectacular on its own, they probably include this to cater to the Malaysian tastebuds.

Sichuan Spicy Chicken La Mian: How could you walk away from a Islamic restaurant without having a bowl of la mian (hand pulled noodles) Served in a fiery red spicy soup with szechuan spicy chicken, the noodles were springy and not too soft.

If you want non pretentious, reliably good food at reasonable prices, Dong Yi Shun is the place to go. Best of all, it's just a 10 min walk from the Bund.

Map of Shanghai Muslim Restaurant
Map of Shanghai Muslim Restaurant
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