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Fuyou Road Mosque, Shanghai

Fuyou Road Mosque in Shanghai is close to Yu Garden in Shanghai. It was established in Qing Dynasty--1870, named Chuanxin Street Mosque, Islamic north temple, and was also called Chuanxin Street Islam hall in the 1930s. Fuyou Road Mosque is located in Fuyou Road, cover an area of 1. 5.067 hectares. Muslim in Shanghai, such as Ha Shaofu, Jin Ziyun, Jiang Xingjie and so on, to raise funds for two times, and then bought land to extend renovating and decorating in 1900 and 1905. The one-storey house was reconstructed into a three-storey building in1936. On the rooftop platform, there is built the Wangyue Pavilion. There are dean's rooms, libraries, conference halls, bathrooms,etc. in the building. On the northward of the Mosque, it is an arch lattice iron gate with "Mosque", and there has Arab words "As-salaamu Alaikum" in the entrance screen. Through the internal door, it's a courtyard whose area is about 450 square meters, is the Chinese palace-style timber-framed hall building. In the north of the courtyard is a water and the southern side is the 3-enter audience hall rooms, and the southern side is a 3 enters the audience hall of the religious service. On the top of the Palace, the roof beam painted various kinds of pattern and pierced floor carving; around the hall, there are the flower fences, the grillwork windows and the carving floor door. In the front of the Palace, there is a green porcelain brickkiln door whose top has two direct plaques with scripture and wood carving "Islamic speech". In the second and the third halls, there are scripture banner hung on roof beam, redwood lanterns hung on both sides of beams, and such furnishings as scripture censers, Incense tables, vases, etc.. This temple was once the Moslem politics, the religion and cultural activity centre in Shanghai. In autumn of 1932, it's the place that the Moslem in Shanghai gigantic and vigorous opposition the case of insulting Islam. Imam Da Fusheng who was famous scholar and educationist of Islam in China has been the master in the Mosque. It's also the place that the Chuanxin Street Mosque in shanghai was established in 1905, the Islamic board of directors in Shanghai was established in 1909 and the Islamic trade group battalion headquarter in Shanghai was established in April of 1911.

Written by Athena Lee
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