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Mosque for Female

The original location of Mosque for Female was built in 1933. One Islam woman religious group in Shanghai--Kun Ning Tong De Group raised funds to establish a Mosque Kun Ning Tong De for Female School in Shanghai. And then returned to school in August 1945. In 1950, because of the road in Henan widenned, the school was moved to the present location. After 1958, it's combined with Gao Dun Street Mosque for Female School. And then the house was changed into the branch of ethnic minority to study of Shanghai CPPCC. During "the Cultural Revolution" (1966-1976), a part of the house was changed into resident's house. In 1984, it's changed into the provisional office for the Islamic Association in Shanghai. The Islamic Association in Shanghai has provided funds and rebuilt in 1993. Mosque for Female has been rehabilitated and opened to world in September 1995.

written by Athena Lee
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Shanghai Mosque for Female
Shanghai Mosque for Female
Shanghai Mosque for Female
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