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Net Master Garden, Suzhou

The Master of the Nets Garden (Wangshi Yuan, Net Expert's Garden) is one of the four famous gardens in Suzhou, and the member of the World Cultural Heritage Sites. It is a typical Suzhou Mansion garden as well as the magnum opus of the middle and small-sized classical garden in south China. With exquisite gardening techniques, deep cultural details and elegant garden intensions, the Master-Of-Net Garden won the title of the typical classical middle and small sized garden of River South without doubt, and as a Perfect Small-sized Garden, the Garden has gain a high reputation at home and aboard.

The Garden of the Master of the Nets is truly a masterpiece. The most striking feature is its use of space.. Rock arrangements and beautiful fish pools balance each other as do the house and garden sections. The garden also contains many examples of using lattice windows to frame scenes of flowers or bamboo.

The garden is divided into three parts: a residential section, the central main garden and an inner garden. The main garden has a large pond that is surrounded by pathways and a variety of buildings such as the Ribbon Washing Pavillion, and the Pavillion for the advent of the Moon and Wind. The inner garden, which is only about 660 square feet, has the distinction of being used as the model for the Ming Hall Garden at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and was miniaturized for an exhibit in the Pompidou Center in Paris in 1982. This garden is reputed to be the most well preserved garden in Suzhou and should not be missed.

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