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Oriental Pearl TV Tower

Oriental Pearl TV Tower from three to nine meters in diameter column of Qingtian, the capsule and on the ball under the ball of the five balls, Tazuo and composition of the square. Can carry 50 people double-decker elevator and seven meters per second high-speed elevators for the present only by the domestic. Colorful three-dimensional lighting system is enormous. Dazzling on the tourism sphere of diameter 45 meters, 263 meters high, the big bird's eye view of Shanghai is the best venue. When calm and sunny, Jumu Yuan Wang, Sheshan, Chongming Island are vaguely visible, it is delightful. On the other balls in the revolving restaurant 267 meters (per hour to lap), DISCO dance halls, piano bars and 271 meters in the 20 KTV rooms open to tourists.

The capsule skyscrapers built in 350 meters, with sightseeing layer, conference rooms and cafes, elegant luxury and unique. Air hotel in five balls, 20 rooms, comfortable environment, do not have fun. Pearl of the Orient Wanbang Department Store Co. Ltd. 18,000 square meters of shopping malls, business clothing, Process art, silver jewelry, leather goods, food products, so that tourists can enjoy sightseeing while shopping and food fun.
Oriental Pearl City at the bottom of science fiction, forest tours, the Antarctic trip, magical journey, hidden treasures hole, Dini Theater, Happy Place, laser theater, theater movement, exploration projects such as trains, exciting, Attractions. Space is also available in a unique hot-air balloon into the sky you will, the most out of Shanghai metropolis beauty, so you never forget.

The Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai Museum of History, Shanghai is devoted to the history of SHI Zhi-century development of the museum. Through the precious cultural relics, documents, files, pictures, with advanced video and audio equipment, modern image vividly reflect the history of urban development in Shanghai. Display at the Museum of the country in the concession, the old Shanghai municipal building and streetscape, the modern urban economy, modern culture, urban life, such as the six most of the political situation, Shanghai fully demonstrate the political, economic, cultural, social, All aspects of life, profound changes. Is a vivid image of the human attractions.

Oriental Pearl TV Tower under the international cruise ship terminal, a River Guide for tourism projects, the board of Comrade Deng Xiaoping was in Shanghai at the southern trip inspection by the cruise to enjoy the beauty of cross-strait River, you will appreciate AN EVERYBRIGHT CITY invites applications to the mood. International cruise ship terminal in the gull Square, supply buffet, you only need to spend 48 yuan, will be able to drink unlimited delicious and beautiful scenery.

Oriental Pearl TV Tower-tourism, conferences, Expo, dining, shopping, entertainment, accommodation, radio and television to launch one, Shanghai has become a 21st century city landmark building. At present, the Pearl of the Orient in the number of tourists and tourism income in the high tower in the world after France's Eiffel Tower and in second place and thus place among the ranks of the world's leading tourist attractions.

Address: Century Boulevard on the 1st
Opening hours: 8:00 - 21: 30
Arrived: 870,871,872 Pearl bus, the bus 81,82 road, the tunnel three, four, five, six-lane, the land and ferry lines, the Thai public lines

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Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower
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Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower
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