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Guilin Ancient Mosque

Guilin Ancient Mosque, a typical Chinese Islamic mosque, is located outside the West Gate Avenue.

According to the Qing Emperor Kangxi 30 years (1700) "Reconstruction Simon mosque and school meals to support Inscription" and Jiaqing three years (1798), "Inscription of rebuilding the mosque," records, the monastery hall built in the Kangxi reign, two corridors and the Bunker Building was built in Jiaqing. Courtyard-style building as a whole, Bunker House centered around the lecture hall, main hall in the post.

This architectural approach is rare in the mosque building. "Islamic Architecture in China", said: "This temple hall of the grand national rare." Temple of the original texts based universities, primary and Women each one.

During Anti-Japanese War period, the Dacheng Normal School moved into up to Guilin, school site that is located in this Mosque. In the late Qing Dynasty there was a Women Mosque next to the Ancient Mosque. The Mosque for Female was destroyed during "Cultural Revolution", has been repaired.

Guilin Ancient Mosque
Guilin Ancient Mosque

Guilin Ancient Mosque
Guilin Ancient Mosque
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