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Guilin Chongshan Mosque

Guilin Chongshan Mosque was built in 1735 during the 13th year of Emperor Yongzheng's rein, expanded in 1849 during the 14th year of Emperor Jiaqing's rein, and experienced renovation during the rein of Emperor Daoguang (1821-1850) and during the Republic of China (1912-1949).

At present, Guilin Chongshan Street mosque covers an area of 2000 square meters, as the best preserved mosque with the largest scale in Guilin. A full set of architecture, including transept, the prayer hall, lecture hall, water houses and so on. The Arabic on the left side of the transept means Allah is the greatest and most respected, and those on the right side means to open the door of auspiciousness and kindness. 24 red pillars surround the prayer hall, making it simple but solemn. A large inscribed board with Arabic is hung in the upper room of the outer house. Antithetical couplets are pasted on the golden pillars on both sides.

The prayer hall of Guilin Chongshan Street Mosque is very spacious, with 12 red wooden pillars orderly arranged. Up is an octagonal dome, and beautiful relief of episode of Koran is carved on the wall of the kiln.

Guilin Chongshan Street Mosque is considered an important historic and cultural site under protection. In 1982, President of Pakistan came to this mosque to perform Jumah prayer, and presented a full set of Koran cassette and recorders to the mosque. He even planted 4 Tasong trees in front of the gate himself, to pray for the ever lasting friendship of Muslims and people of the whole nation between China and Pakistan.
Guilin Chongshan Mosque
Guilin Chongshan Mosque

Guilin Chongshan Mosque
Guilin Chongshan Mosque
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