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Mt Huashan, Huashan Mountains

China is nation people love mountains. Huashan is the most famous Taoist mountain in China. Among all mountains five daoist mountain are most popular for mountain climbers. And Hua Shan mountain is the highest one 8,563ft (2160m)also and situated within landscape dominated by amazing views, precipitous gullies, and towering cliffs.There is a proverb goes that in China: "From time immemorial the Mt. Huashan has been only one way to climb atop." The Mt. Huashan China International Rock-Climbing is held In every September. This is the place can not be missed for rocky climbers.

Hua Shan consists of 5 steep peaks which are looked like a flower from a certain angle ("hua" in Chinese). There are East Peak (Facing Sun Peak), Middle Peak(Jade Maiden Peak), West Peak (Lotus Peak), North Peak (Cloud Terrace Peak) and the South Peak.

Five of them are connected by rather scary ridges. The lowest (the North Peak) 1648m is reached by a cable car. But if you are brave and physical fit, reaching Hua Shan's summit rewards you an incredible view of the whole mountains.

Huashan Mountains, Xian
Huashan Mountains, Xian

Walking up the main trail from the foot of the Mountain, you can see many wonderfull views along 4-5 hours. The most stunning view after is the sunrise. From the clound sea in the sky horizon the sun rises gradually,lighting the sky and paint the clound.

Huashan Xiyue Temple, Xian
Huashan Xiyue Temple, Xian

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