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Chengde Mountain Resort

Chengde Mountain Resort was founded in 1703 (42 years of Emperor Kangxi), 1790 (Qianlong 55 years) before the completion of Chengde Mountain Resort, Chengde Mountain Resort lasted more than 80 years, Chengde Mountain Resort is China's Qing Dynasty emperor to appease in order to achieve, unity of China inhabited by ethnic minorities to consolidate national unity and political purpose built a summer palace. Chengde Mountain Resort whole terrain from the north-west to south-eastern peak of limnology, plains, the relative arithmetic 180 meters, much like a microcosm of China's topography, with a heavy political overtones, it is no wonder philosopher Hegel knew keenly aware of Chengde Summer Resort distinguishes this garden, especially from "around the temples of those specifications noble", see the "emperor's intentions in Asia."

Why would choose to build Chengde Mountain Resort, Chengde Mountain Resort here because with the following four special characteristics of the first, Chengde is a basin surrounded by mountains, according to feng shui is to lead in Vientiane, Chung Yi as North Korea., It is Exclusive to the emperor, and the world must be North Korea, so the terrain he was very good. The second feature of the high terrain, the air is fresh, suitable for summer, the third feature of this place not far away from Beijing, only 230 kilometers to deal with the country's government, and the palace is no different, more convenient, the fourth, the characteristics of the place, that is, the place was Mongolia's Tour ranch will not be invaded Tian or residential, but this place has river, there are swamps, mountains and plains natural environment, the election can have a broad view of the space, to facilitate large-scale creating the Royal gardens.

Chengde Mountain Resort The garden has a large-scale Temple, Church, House, Museum, Pavilion, Pavilion, Pavilion, Hennessy, vegetarian, Temple, such as building more than 100. Chengde Mountain Resort general layout of the building can be divided into the palace area and Court scenic two hours. Court can be divided into scenic Lakes, plains and mountain areas of three parts. Chengde Mountain Resort palace area unique architectural style, it does not Zijin City's ornate palaces flu, construction and home base is similar to green Suwat, decoration elegant simplicity, are no painting, wood remarkable qualities, especially fresh, simple, elegant and tranquil.

Chengde Mountain Resort palace palace major construction areas are dealing with the emperor and Empress Chief place of residence, including "being the Palais", "Songhe fasting", "Matsukaze" and the "Orient House" (already destroyed) four groups of construction. Palace is the palace is the main construction area, including 9, classified as "former", "sleep after" two parts.called "Keswick", is precious nanmu completed, therefore, also known as Phoebe Hall. All the various grand ceremony held here. The palace was later named the "four known House," "To Shuang", "Mountain resort" and so on, is that the emperor to deal with court politics, reading and a place to live. Other attractions are: the Summer Resort in Chengde door, long live according to the Housing, dismount Monument, Mountain House resort.

Chengde Mountain Resort from the palace area is out of the Garden Villas area, a summer resort in Chengde Mountain name, which is water-sheng Fun.water throughout the region, scattered Island, one south of Yangtze River beauty. The right side of the lake three pavilion called the "water heart Terrace," stands above the stone bridge, structural symmetry, crisp light. Villa right close by home, the concept straight for Miles. Chengde Mountain Resort, only more than 500 hectares, but concentrated in China's terrain and topography, condensed history of the Qing Dynasty. In the Villa, will be able to understand the rise and fall of the Qing Dynasty a process.

Chengde Mountain Resort's terrain is low-lying south-east, beautiful scenery, as Jiangnan; northeastern flat, fragrant grass carpet, one grassland scenery; northwest while lying Gochang, ravines crossbar. All this is "natural heaven on the potential", it seems artificial carve a general, was so skillfully and the topography of our great motherland coincide Moreover, many scenic spots across the country was like magic on the Hill, Chengde Mountain Resort is the epitome of beautiful rivers and mountains of the motherland.

Chengde Mountain Resort and rich history, Chengde Mountain Resort is a national and religious History Museum, the Chengde Mountain Resort is a special information prepared by the history of the Qing Dynasty. Chengde Mountain Resort is a product of Kangxi and Qianlong of peace and prosperity. Outstanding performance of all types of building a multi-ethnic coalition, buildings unification of thought, represents the characteristics of Chinese culture and pluralism. UNESCO experts praised the Chengde Mountain Resort is a "set of Dacheng Oriental philosophy." Chengde Mountain Resort, "to make the best interest of natural, non-annoying thing of the workers", Chengde Mountain Resort in China's richest artistic characteristics of the imperial garden, the Summer Resort in Chengde history concentrates the essence of the art of gardening, the nation has developed a unique style, with a high level of artistic achievement, Chengde Mountain Resort is a classical Chinese garden, a brilliant pearl, Chengde Mountain Resort is one of the world garden examples miracle.
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