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Guangzhou Chime-Long Paradise

Chime-Long Paradise is one of the leading Amusement Parks in China. Opening in 2006, Chime-Long Paradise has more than 70 high adventure rides and is home to the world's largest Water Stunt Show, comprising of an international cast of stunt men and women.

Chime-Long Paradise's award winning rides and shows include:
1. The 10 Inversion Roller Coaster: Holding the Guinness Book of Records title for the most amount of loops of any other roller coaster in the world, this ride is sure to thrill, excite and energise (and possibly scare!).
Motorbike Launch Coaster:the only one of its kind in Asia. Sitting on specially designed "motorbikes", this ride will have you taking off to speeds of 80kms per hr in only 2.8 secs. This ride is the winner of the FKF Award (2004) and The Best Idea in the EAS (2004) Paris.
2. Giant Frisbee: The world's largest ride of its design in the world. Sore, spin and tumble like a frisbee through the sky.
3. Half Pipe: Rride on a massive skateboard with more than a dozen other people as you spin and rock back on forth on a massive half pipe.
4. Shoot the chute: Need to cool down? This is one ride guaranteed to cool you down and get you wet!
5. Dino Raider 4D theatre experience: Enjoy Asia's largest 4D theatre and enjoy the special effects of this unique movie created specifically for Chime-Long Paradise.
Kids Land:Beat the heat in China's largest indoor amusement facility for Children.
6. Danger Island Stunt Show: The world's largest water stunt show with an International cast. See special effects every 30secs in the 25 minute high impact show including explosions, gun fights, fireworks, jet skis, high diving, fight scenes and hovercrafts. You have to see to believe!
7. Lumberjack show: Be amazed at the strength and agility of lumberjack wood choppers as they compete against each other for the prized title of Champion Lumberjack. Watch as they chainsaw at lightening pace, carve furniture, climb tall trees, balance on floating logs and throw an axe.

Chime-Long Paradise is located amongst the other famous Chime-Long Group attractions on Yingbin Road, Panyu District, Guangzhou. Reaching us is easy! Chime-Long Paradise is located alongside Guangzhou Metro Line 3, at the Hanxi-Changlong Station (take exit E) where shuttle buses will take you between each of the Chime-Long attraction. In addition, there is a taxi rank and multiple public buses stopping at Chime-Long Paradise including buses 221, 512, 247, and 562. For those using their own vehicles there is ample car parking.

Chime-Long Paradise endeavours to lead the way in China in park in providing entertainment, escapism and high tech rides. International safety standards are rigorously implemented by a team of international ride safety specialists to ensure international recognition as a world leading Amusement Park in safety. On top of over 70 rides, other entertainment activities include a number of staged performances such as the magic show, acrobatics spectacular, tribal dance experience and the major Chime-Long street parade.

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