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Guangzhou Xiguan Big House

The so-called Western customs, the old people in Guangzhou Liwan District, north Nishimura, south to the Pearl River, east to the people of the road west to the small North River, Guangzhou is located west of the city during the Ming and Qing place outside the area referred to. Xiguan be divided into upper and lower Xiguan Xiguan, which closed higher ground on the west, the next low-lying western customs. Ming built, 18-fu, opening a 13-line. Qing Dynasty, the late, the West has built Baohua Guan Street, Feng-Yuan Street, multi-Po Street residential areas, where Western customs such as the big house and bamboo house in Guangzhou will be the typical traditional architecture came into being. As the majority of such buildings west of the customs area, it is called "The West closed the old Big House."

Xiguan the number of the old big house from the end of the Qing the existing peak period of more than 800 rooms into less than 100, of which there are only retain the value of the remaining 10 or so, such as the 13 South Main Street on the 15th of the West Point of estates.

Xiguan old big house in the past wealthy businessman in this large-scale residential construction. These residential tall and bright, with the Office of Parks, decorated beautifully. The basic layout is 3 Two Corridors, symmetrical, in the middle of the main hall. Axis by the former and then, followed by the porch, entrance hall (door Guanting), palanquin Hall (Tea Room), the main hall (Hall lobby or the gods), the first room (older houses) Erting (dining room), two-bedroom (Weifang). Office for an entry for each. Hall and Hall in the courtyard between the intervals. Add cottage patio cover, relying on the high side windows (water window), or ventilation, lighting skylights. Is between the both sides of the main study, Pianting, bedrooms and staircase. Finally the kitchen. Hall on the right are generally equipped with garden comedy, planting flowers and trees, decorated rocks pond for recreational viewing. The rear yard for the study. Big houses on each side of a Qingyun Lane, take "meteoric rise" was intended. Qingyun Lane, also known Lengxiang, Huo Xiang, Water Alley so on, have ventilation, fire prevention, drainage, lighting, drying in the sun, transportation, planting and other functions.

Xiguan old big house for the Dwarf double-leaf doors in the cage for the trip, within the gates, are made of high-level hardwood. Interior decoration is very careful, furnished with furniture, lamps, banners, couplets, books, antiques, calligraphy, flowers, potted plants, Longniao, Dresser and various works of art and mahogany furniture, delicate florals and exotic wood, rich local characteristics of the Manchu windows and window sill and its unique layout of the form, with rich flavor Lingnan.
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