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Green Lotus Peak

Green lotus Peak is located on the west bank of Li River, southeast of Yangshuo County. As one of the landmark of the county, the peak resembles a budding lotus bloom in contrast to the other peaks around.

Green Lotus Peak, the best Yangshuo sunrise photo shoot place
Green Lotus Peak, the best Yangshuo sunrise photo shoot place

The peak has a long history. The famous monk JianZhen once was staying here. This famous Buddhist was originally from Yangzhou in Jiangsu province. In 753, he succeeded in crossing the ocean to Japan after several times of failure. He lived a total of 11 years in Japan and was an important ambassador for improving the Sino-Japanese relationships.
Xu Xia ke, a famous traveler and tourist in the 17th century during the Ming dynasty, visited the the top of the peak in 1637.

The small Jianshan Tower there is very old. The tower was built at the beginning of the Tang Dynasty. At that time, monks in the temple rang the bell every morning and evening. Because the tower near the river and has a high altitude, the bell sound spread far and clear. The sound of the bell was heard for centuries until in 1916 the temple was destroyed and no longer monks around there any more.

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