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Yellow Cloth Shoal

Floating down along Li River, about 60 kilometers away from Guilin city, you will see Yellow Cloth Shoal. Seven graceful peaks of different height and size look like seven quiet young girl standing shoulder to shoulder. People called it Yellow Cloth Shoal because a large cream-colored flagstone lies under the water, looking like a piece of new yellow cloth extended on the riverbed.

On the east bank, there is a stone looking like a monkey holding a watermelon. Next is a bear lying on its back. On the west bank, you will see a stone in the shape of a woman holding a baby in her arms.

This is the best place to appreciate the reflection of the peaks on a fine and windless day. the reflections of the seven peaks are so vivid that you may experience the feeling that you are sailing on the top of the peaks. With verdant bamboos, the green peaks under the blue sky reflected on the quiet waters create a spectacular scene.

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