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QinHuai River, Nanjing

Qin Huai River, a branch of the great Yangtze River, is 110 kilometers (about 68 miles) in length and covers a drainage area of 2,631 square kilometers (about 1,016 square miles). The river was originally called Huai River, and it is said that the river was channeled to the city of Nanjing during the reign of Emperor Qin Shi Huang, so it was named Qin Huai River from then on.

Qin Huai River is the largest river in the Nanjing City area and is the 'life blood' of the city. Qin Huai River is so fascinating that it captures the imaginations of people both at home and abroad.

There are many famous sites of interest along the banks of the Qin Huai River , including Confucius Temple, Zhanyuan Garden, Zhonghua Gate, and the sights along the Taoye Ferry ride to Zhenhuai Bridge.

The Qin Huai is divided into inner and outer rivers. The most frequented place along the inner river is the Confucius Temple. It is a grand temple with an unassuming style, which was built to commemorate the famous Chinese sage, Confucius.Zhonghua Gate, also found along the inner river, is the largest city door in China as well as the best-preserved and most intricate city door in the world.Finally, there is the Zhanyuan Garden, which was constructed in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and is the oldest existing garden in Nanjing City.

The Qinhuai River has two sources: Baohua Mountain in Jurong County and Dongting Mountain in Lishui County. The water flow from these two sources converges on Fangshan Dam in Jiangning County before splitting into inner and outer river branches outside Dongshuiguan of Nanjing. The inner Qinhuai River runs through the city from the east to the west. Historically called "Ten-Mile Qinhuaihe River", the areas along the river used to be the most thriving places in the city.

Today, the scenic belt along the Qinhuai River develops with the Confucius Temple at the center and the river serving as a bond. The belt featuring attractions like Zhanyuan Garden, the Confucius Temple, Egret Islet, China Gate as well as the sailing boats in the river and pavilions and towers on the riverbanks is a perfect blend of historic sites, gardens, barges, streets, pavilions, towers and folk culture and customs, having great charm and flavor.

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