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Longji Specialties

Local products in Longji: Longji pepper, Longji water liquor and Longji Yunwu Tea.

Longji pepper grows on terrace in mountains more than 800 meters above sea level. The pepper is very attractive with its rightcolor, thick pulp, rich spicy and unique flavor. It not only rich in capsaicin and volatile aromatic oil, but also contains a variety of human required vitamins. It is a good appetizer, which can dehumidify cold and increase appetite, a unique sauce and one of the four treasures of Longji.

Longji water liquor
Zhuang people in Longsheng like to drink very much. Most men can drink a lot , many women also not yield to man. Zhuang people usually drink home made liquor. Zhuang liquor, known as the "Longji water liquor", is long enjoyed a good reputation for its sweet unique flavor in both inside and outside of Longsheng.

"Longji water liquor" is not complicated, every Zhuang people knows about it. First pour cold boiled water into steamed glutinous rice, shake to dissipate it, then mix the right amount of Chinese yeast. After several days pour water into rice according to the proportion of one to one and sealed for several years. Then it is done.

The more strict sealing and longer time, the more concentrated taste and sweeter the wine. It taste bitter at first, and mellow sweet with endless aftertaste. If you drink a little then you can stop having another one. However please drinking with a little attention, because you might get drunk before you notice it and when that happens, you might fall asleep and wake up a few days later.

Longji Yunwu Tea
Longji Yunwu Tea grows in the world-known scenic areas -- Longji terrace. The tea garden is 800 meters above sea level and in a sub-tropical monsoon zone. Thus it has a clear distinction between the four seasons, abundant rainfall, short sunshine, preferential temperature and all year-round waterfall. The environment without any pollution make it the perfect place for ideal quality tea. Longji Yunwu tea was a tribute in Qianlong period, one of China's 28 best tea.

Longji photo

Written by Bruce Photograph taken by Mr. Lin Wenhong Copyright belongs to Holiday China Tour
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