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Wind and Rain Bridge

Wind and Rain Bridge in Longsheng is a typical bridge built by Dong minority. The wind-rain bridge are so called because it not only providing a method to cross the rivers, they also give protection from the wind and rain. It was built in 1916 with stone and wood, 64.4 meters long, 3.4 meters wide and 10.6m high. The body of the bridge is divided to three tiers, with five piers and 4 bridge openings, each of which spans 14.4 meters.

The bridge has five pavilions built at regular intervals with flying eaves and a unique style. The pilasters and eaves of the bridge are engraved with delicacy flowers and patterns. The bridge is serves as a gathering point for the temple fairs as well as a means of crossing the river.

The bridge is totally constructed with timber and contains no steel nail or rivets. The construction of this bridge emphasizes the high architectural and construction abilities of the Dong people. This bridge is considered to be the finest example of this kind of architecture and construction.

Written by Bruce Photograph taken by Mr. Lin Wenhong Copyright belongs to Holiday China Tour
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